Water Heater Replacement Program

We stock and provide Rheem-Ruud heaters. Your customers will appreciate you providing a brand name that they can recognize.

KC Commercial Water Heater Replacement

When your business or commercial property is suddenly without hot water, there is no time to waste in getting it restored. If you’re in need of a commercial water heater replacement, the commercial plumbing experts at KC Windustrial can help you get hot water running again fast. Whether you’re making a planned upgrade to an old hot water heater or find yourself with an unexpected water heater emergency, KC Windustrial’s commercial water heater replacement program will make replacing your commercial water heater fast and easy.

KC Windustrial carries a wide variety of Rheem-Ruud commercial water heaters, the top commercial water heater manufacturer in the U.S. We have added many new items to our already extensive inventory to enable us to provide the best product availability in Kansas City. We carry both electric water heaters and gas water heaters. In addition, KC Windustrial has the capability to convert electric water heaters to specific wattage, voltages, and phases to meet your needs.

KC Windustrial’s staff is knowledgeable about all types of commercial water heaters and can help you select the right water heater for your specific needs. Our staff is also trained to use specialized equipment and handle the heaters, enabling them to assist you in installing your new commercial water heater as well as removing the old water heater.

At KC Windustrial, we understand that water heaters can’t always be replaced at the most convenient times. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for commercial heater replacements due to emergency situations or to accommodate your business schedule. There is no extra fee for after-hours service – you pay the same no matter what time of day or night you request service from KC Windustrial.

KC Windustrial’s delivery trucks are equipped with lift gates or forklifts for easy delivery. We also have dollies and stair-steppers to make moving the water heater into place easier. In addition to delivering your new commercial water heater, KC Windustrial will also haul away and dispose of your old water heater, saving you both time and labor costs. Our staff will be more than happy to assist with moving the new water heater into place as well as draining and removing the old water heater.

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