KC Windustrial is a Proud Distributor of Victaulic Products

As a global company established over 85 years ago, you can be assured that Victaulic is synonymous with good craftsmanship. Their products have been used in some of the most famous buildings around the world including the Venetian (US), Trump Tower (US), the Swiss RE (UK), Taipei 101(Taiwan), Eureka Tower (AU), and the National Stadium (China).

With an emphasis on preserving the environment, ninety percent of the materials Victaulic uses are recycled and attempt to eliminate dangerous fumes and reduce energy consumption. As a leader in innovation, the company has more than 1000 patents for piping-related products.

Grooved Pipe Joining Technology

When joining multiple pipes together, no flame is required. To remove the need for welding, a groove is created at the end of each pipe. Grooved couplings come in two types, flexible and rigid, with benefits such as flexibility, noise and vibration attenuation, seismic stress absorption, system maintenance and expansion, and alignment ease. On average, by using the grooved technology, the amount of time spent installing is 45 percent less than the typical welding option.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Victaulic can also supply heating and cooling piping systems. There is a complete product line designed to fit 3/4 – 60”/20-1525mm products. On the heating side, you can find items for products like Hydronic heating, glycol systems, boiler piping systems, water source heat pumps, coil headers, and passive or active solar systems. On the cooling side, you will find products for condensed water, glycol systems, brine systems, cooling towers, central chiller, air handling units and special coolant systems.

Plumbing Systems

Because of Victaulic’s safety requirement, there is no need to braze or solder plumbing systems. They offer a complete line of ½-60”/15-1525mm products. These can be used for portable water systems, storm water systems, roof drains, and drain, waste and vent systems.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection is at the top of every engineer’s to-do list when building. Every company needs a fire protection system to ensure the safety of all those inside. You can find all the tools you need to keep your systems running smoothly with Victaulic. Products that are sized ½-8”/15-200mm are supplied. You’ll find devices, valves, fittings, flexible sprinkler fittings, and automatic sprinklers available in the line.

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